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Mouldmonitor focuses on designing and making injection mould, die casting mould and injection production. Our moulds cover Auto, Office appliance, Industrial control, home appliance and gear box. Our business is extended to China, Europe, American, Mid east, South America and Africa. Engineering, Mouldmonitor engineering team is armed with 1 doctor, 5 bachelors. They are full of experience on optimization for the whole group, mold design, manufacture process and molding process.Equipments, In order to make perfect part and mould. Mouldmonitor chooses only precise machines.



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What are the injection molding processes that affect the strength of injection molded parts

Nylon and POM materials are all crystalline plastics. The mold is injected with hot oil by a hot oil machine, which can slow down the cooling rate of the injection molded part and improve the crystallinity of the plastic. At the same time, due to the slowing down of the cooling rate, the residual internal stress of the injection molded part is also reduced. Therefore, the impact resistance and tensile strength of nylon and POM parts injected with hot oil in a hot oil machine will be improved accordingly.

2020 Interplast Moscow

The nature of flash: From the perspective of plastics, flash occurs because the pressure in the mold cavity exceeds the clamping force, or the mold is damaged.

How to deal with warpage and deformation of plastic molds during injection molding

Warpage and deformation of plastic injection molded products is a very troublesome problem. It should be dealt with mainly from the aspect of mold planning, while the adjustment effect of molding conditions is very limited. So, how do we deal with the warpage and deformation of plastic injection molded products?